Food is my only REAL friend. I fuckin' dare you to click this bitch. The arbiters of cool... bringing you the latest in HOT BRAINAL ACTION !!! Really, we're the coolest place on the Internet. It's just that no one knows it yet.
i'm a crazzzzzzzzy beee-youth!!!
beeeef cake!!!!! big enormous cock
  Miss L Brown Slice
I'm a baaaaaaaad grrl !
booty booty booty i am a lost in a universe of swirls
gallery o' pix i'm runnin' fast Mama... but everything is gettin slower. there's no there there.
TeeVee on the internet, sucks more. books are the devil !
  fun with yer anus
the Funhouse of dread, ennui and perhaps even a smidgen of intellectual masturbation
herein lies wisdom, or some such thinggod
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vanture here, dare u not scuse-y cutey purrrtty