You say you want happiness? But what you really want is money. "If I had a million dollars I would..."

what? spend it?

"but what I really want to DO is..."

what? do you really? then why aren't you doing it? all I see and hear is talking. So apparently what you want is not the "thing". What you want is: to talk about wanting the thing.

A Ferrari, a big house for you and your husband/wife/partner/sheep and all your beautiful kids... a job you actually enjoy, a million dollars. Fuckit, how about TEN million dollars?

Why stop there - a Billion dollars is do-able. The Djinn will provide all you ask for.

Yeah, i honestly think a billion is completely do-able. But I also think that you're still aiming too low... and soooo SLIDE-ways from what would actually bring you intense joyfulness in this place.

Oh well. go watch some more TV, fucker.