I was all fuckin jack-fucked in the head a while back and to my pleasant surprise discovered a key law that has shaped my life (and by extension perhaps all human lives.) I had been almost completely unconscious of it's very real effect up to that moment.

It's quite simple, really, and I recall hearing it in different forms a few times before. But it wasn't until my mind had decided to deconstruct itself that the truth of it became obvious and undeniable, becoming embodied deep in my gut and all through my heart.

I decided to tell it to a friend. The conversation went something like this:

"This is the only thing you need to know: Life is what you say it is. We Create This."

He looked at me the way a dog looks at you when many hours after he's peed on the sofa you tell him, in clear English, not to pee on the sofa.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

It takes courage to accept the responsibility of one's life choices. Best to passively sedate oneself with fear and continue to blame others for the thought-crimes you've perpetrated against your own reality.

The "Happy Place" of whiny discord, hate and loathing is a far easier path to stumble down. Not at all peaceful, pleasant or joyful... but definitely easier.

It took a most painful journey for me to arrive at that realization. I guess you can't give it out or get it for free.